Sprinter Results 2020

To determine your titles look through the images of the dates your dog competed on and add the points together.

A handicap system is applied to a dog’s KPH to determine the number of points earned. The handicap system is based on the height of the dog at its withers:
(a) 18”or greater = handicap is 1.25 (Note: This handicap changed in 2020 to 1.25 and was 1.00 in 2019)
(b) 12” up to less than 18” = handicap is 1.5.
(c) Below 12” = handicap is 2.0.

Titles are earned by accumulating points. The following titles will be awarded:
Novice Sprinter (NS) = 150 points;
Sprinter (S) = 500 points;
Advanced Sprinter (AS) = 1,000 points;
Sprinter Excellent (SX) = 1,500 points; and
SX followed by a number (e.g. SX2) for every additional 500 points.
These suffix titles will appear on a dog’s pedigree, with a higher level title superseding a lower level title.

These forms say “Unofficial” due to the fact that the results are electronically submitted to the CKC before they become official. If any results submitted from these forms are not accepted by the CKC the club and owners would receive notification. If you have not been informed of a change you can accept these results as official.