2021 Practice Waiver (Mandatory for All Members participating in Practice Events)
All participants who run their dogs in a Lure Coursing, Chase Ability or Sprinter Practice must sign a waiver.
Please complete online as paper copies at practice events will no longer be accepted.  Only one waiver is required for the year.

2021 Membership Form 
2021 Yearly Membership Fees are set at $25.00 for Individual and $30.00 for Family Memberships.
Associate Member Fees (Non Voting Rights) are $25.00/Family

Regular Single Membership is open for all who own a Gazehound and reside in Manitoba. Regular members have the right to vote for officers and any other general business of the organization.
Family Membership is open to two Regular Membership persons living in the same residence. Each listed member of a household membership is entitled to one vote.
Associate Membership is open for all with an interest in the well being of Gazehounds and/or the sport of lure coursing/chase ability/sprinters. Associate members have no voting privileges, and not limited to residents of Manitoba.  Chose this option if you do not own a Gazehound.


Please submit your payment via e-transfer to
(Set up for auto-deposit, no security word required)

2021 Practice Waiver

2021 Membership Form