Almost Done

I am happy to say that the website is almost complete.  Well, that is to say there is little more to be done to make this a functional website.  There will always be work to do when it comes to active websites such as this including writing new posts, making club announcements and adding events.

Here is a list of what has been done.

  • Events Calendar – tested and operational
  • Members Information Section – tested and operational
  • Newsletter Signup – tested and operational
  • Security and Hardening – optimized and functional (already blocked intruders from as far away as South Africa — scumbags)
  • Site Gallery – works well but I think there may be better options (still exploring)
  • Forms Generator – this works great but needs integration with PayPal to accept online payment with registration.

Next on my list is to add all the Members and send them a welcome Newsletter.  After that, get an accomplice or two to help with website upkeep.

Please enjoy the website and post comments as to what you like or dislike.


Welcome to Manitoba Gazehound Association’s new website.  Published on January 30th 2018 this site is currently under development.  Although new in nature, this post will be archived soon for editorial reasons.

Additional features will be added soon, including online registration for members and an event calendar.