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Sighthound Information

Sighthounds specialize in pursuing prey, keeping it in sight, and overpowering it with their great speed and agility.  They have keen vision and are able to detect motion quickly.  Sighthounds are able to capture fast, agile prey such as deer and rabbits.  They have a very flexible back which gives them great turning ability and long legs for a long stride and fast running ability.  They have a deep chest which supports an unusually large heart and very efficient lungs and a lean wiry body to keep their weight at a minimum. 

Sighthounds such as the saluki have existed for at least 5,000 years, with the earliest presumed sighthound remains excavated approximately 7000–6000 BC. Today most sighthounds are kept primarily as pets and have been bred for thousands of years to detect movement, chase, capture, and kill prey primarily by speed.  They thrive on physical activity and need daily exercise.  Some have mellow personalities while others are watchful or even hostile towards strangers, but the instinct to chase running animals remains strong.

The Sighthound Group

Hounds hunt by either sight or smell, the ones that hunt by sight are sighthounds or sometimes refered to as gazehounds.  The following is a list of sighthounds which are eligible to compete in sanctioned CKC Lure Coursing events.  Although the Italian Greyhound is a member of the Toy Breed, it is allowed to compete in Lure Coursing and that is why we have added it here.  More information about each breed can be obtained by clicking on the breed link which will take you to the CKC's website.  All images are property of the CKC.