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Events - Past and Present

Join us at our next event or check out some past results.

Not sure what a sighthound can do?
Read about Lure Coursing and Chase Ability and then come out and watch one of our events and discover first hand just how prey driven sighthounds really are.

New to the sport or just not sure if you or your dog would like it, no problem!
Come to our next Chase Ability Practice event and have a go.  Free for first timers and all breeds welcome, yes even you mixed breeds!

Chase Ability Practice

Open to all dogs, new comers welcome.


La Barriere Park
Waverley Street - La Salle

All participants must fill out a
Practice Waiver Form available here.

MGA Rally & Obedience Fun Match

Sunday, April 29, 2018
8:30am & 12:30am
High Flyers Building
884 Bradford Street
Winnipeg, MB

All participants must fill out and bring a Registration Form
Registration Form available here.


This exciting event, developed after the ever-popular Lure Coursing, allows dogs to uncover their natural prey drive through chasing a lure - all while having lots of fun. The Chase Ability Program also provides purebreds and mixed-breeds with the opportunity to compete and earn multiple titles and certificates in a field event that all dogs are capable of performing.

Two types of courses will be available: a 300 yard course for dogs shorter than 12 inches at the withers or brachycephalic dogs (flat faced dogs) and a 600 yard course for the remainder of the dogs entered. The Chase Ability Program is a pass/fail event. How does a Dog earn a Pass? A dog must run alone, chasing the lure and completing the course with enthusiasm and without interruption.

The Manitoba Gazehound Association offers Chase Ability practise runs and CKC Chase Ability Program CAP tests where dogs may earn multiple titles and certificates.  To learn more about competing in the CAP program visit out info section on 

Lure Coursing

Sighthounds were developed to chase and kill live game such as hare, deer or wolves, so if you appreciate speed, you will want to check out the sport of lure coursing. These swift-running hounds are released singly, in braces or in trios, to chase an artificial lure around a twisting course, and are judged on their speed, agility, enthusiasm, endurance and follow.